Kathie Armstrong

An Easy Everyday Baker







I was raised by a Finnish mother who did everything the old-fashioned way and I am proud to carry on her baking traditions. I believe good, wholesome food is an important part of family. My goal is to give you what I was lucky enough to have my whole life from my mother’s hands – delicious, natural, homemade food. My mixes make it as easy as possible for you to make food ‘from scratch’ in your kitchen with simple, natural ingredients.

My mother’s recipes are living on both in my mixes and in many bakeries, including every Kowalski’s store in Minnesota. Our simple mixes made it possible for them to change their baking process – my bread and baking powder biscuits are the only products made fresh daily in-store. They make our cardamom bread weekly and for special occasions, and it’s all gone so well that now they sell my cookies too.

Whether it’s from a store bakery or in your home, I hope you enjoy my baking products and I’m grateful for your purchase!

Kathie’s Gives Back

Cherry Avenue

Cherry Avenue partners with local organizations in Guatamala to build homes, provide scholarships, build schools, support local orphans and offer womens’ medical clinics.