Kathie’s Baking Tips

Adding Special Ingredients

Shortbread Variations

  • Add extracts or light flavored herbs like lavender or rosemary
  • Roll in sugar before baking
  • Dip half of cookie in melted chocolate

Scone variations

  • Add flavored yogurt for a little extra flavor
  • Add a cup of fruit, chocolate chips or poppy seeds to the mix
  • Add vanilla extract or zest of lemon or orange.
  • Try savory scones with bacon, cheese, jalapeño or let your imagination run wild!

Perfect Baking Instructions

  • I ALWAYS use my hands to mix my mixes.  It’s faster, they mix up perfectly and there’s much less cleanup.  Its’ fun for kids, too!
  • Shortbread tastes best when it’s cool – wait for it!
  • Warm hands are magic for mixing shortbread.  They make the butter and the mix marry together perfectly.
  • Err on the side of overcooking shortbread.  They melt in your mouth a bit better when a little overcooked.