Article published courtesy of Kowalski’s Markets (original article appears here)

Kathie Armstrong met Bakery and Private Label Director Russ Tourville in 2015. “That meeting changed my life,” says Kathie, who produces home baking mixes under the Kowalski’s label from her own recipes and also provides the commercial mixes used to make biscuits, French and cardamom breads, and other fresh baked goods in every store. On any given day, customers may run into her doing an in-store demo or even baking side-by-side with a store bakery team.

“I am truly honored to be part of such a high-integrity organization,” Kathie says. “They make me want to do better in everything I do. I have become a part of the team, and it is so very special and a blessing in my life. Kowalski’s is much more than a store that I sell to. They are a family that believes in helping others, and I believe that as well.”

You’ll only find Kathie’s Bakery products under the Kowalski’s brand name in the Kowalski’s Bakery Department.